3 Things Really Successful Usability Experts Do Differently

Are you a successful usability expert? You may have a lot of usability experience but there are some important elements that all the successful experts do. If you are not applying these elements in your work, it is time to stand up and begin the journey to even more success. Your usability design needs to be attractive, consistent and efficient. Here are three things that really successful usability experts do differently.

1. Efficiency

Efficiency is one of the most important factors to keep in mind if you want to become one of the most successful usability experts. A user interface is very important because it influences how users access the various functions on a site or software app. As a usability expert, you should focus on creating an efficient user interface. Create user interfaces that make it easy for users to carry out functions with ease. You need not do this alone, a platform such as WalkMe helps make sure that sites are simple and easy to use. Fast access is essential in an interface. Users do not want to spend several minutes trying to navigate through the various functions. One of the main mistakes that usability experts make is to assume that a user interface is efficient because it is already attractive, consistent, responsive, familiar, clear, and concise.

Efficiency goes beyond this, and successful usability experts understand this aspect. To make a user interface efficient, you have to think about the user’s objectives. Consider the goals a user intends to achieve when they are using a software app or site. The interface you design should make it possible for them to attain these objectives without too much effort. It is essential to think about the application’s operations. Consider the kind of functions you need to include in the application. Your own goals as a usability expert should influence the functions. Users want to access features on an app or site with ease, but it is more important for them to attain their goals. This should be the most significant factor when you are designing a user interface.

2. Consistency

Successful usability experts understand the value of context when designing a user interface. Context should be the main consideration during the design process. A skilled expert is able to adapt their design to various contexts. Consistency is significant for an interface because users tend to establish patterns when they are using an application or website. Once a user has used a particular website for a while, they know how all the icons, buttons, and tabs look on the interface. They are aware of all the elements that are included in the interface and they develop a pattern when using them. It is often difficult to modify this pattern and this is why designers should ensure consistency. A user will easily recognize an element in an application even if it is in a different context. Once a user learns how the different functions work, it makes it easy for them to apply additional features because they are using the knowledge they obtained from their past experiences. The Microsoft user interface helps to demonstrate consistency. All the Microsoft Office documents have similar basic features and they only vary depending on the particular use of the application. A user who has an experience with Microsoft Word will find it easy to use Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint because of the consistency in the user interface design.

3. Attractiveness

One of the aspects that most usability experts may not agree about is attractiveness in a user interface. In this context, attractive refers to an enjoyable experience when a user is using an app or website. It is important to come up with an easy to use user interface that is responsive but it also needs to be attractive. Make it enjoyable for users to use an app. If a website includes features that make users feel satisfied once they have used it, they are more likely to use it in the future. However, it is important to remember that audiences vary and what appeals to one market may not work in another. Successful usability experts understand that they should design a user interface to suit a particular audience. Aesthetics are important for a user interface but the focus should be on creating a design that enhances functionality.

Successful usability experts should know how to attain a balance between these three factors. It takes a lot of experience and effort to attain the required balance but the best solution is to design each user interface for a specific audience.

With all this in mind, you will be a top usability expert and help your company go from average to excellent.


Jessica is the Lead Author & Editor of UsabilityLab Blog. Jessica writes for the UsabilityLab blog to create a source for news and discussion about some of the issues, challenges, news, and ideas relating to usability.