4 Mission Critical Tools for Testing your Website’s Usability

By: Jessica @UsabilityL Miller There are a number of different factors that come into place when determining whether a website is successful or not. What many people don’t realize is that the one thing that can be the very lifeline of a site isn’t how big it is or how much money it makes, it’s how easy it

Eye Tracking Usability Best Practices

Eye tracking usability principles are incredibly important. Unfortunately, many designers and developers of software and web interfaces either don’t know this, or just choose to assume that this isn’t the case, and it’s resulted in a lot of layouts not being conducive to immediate recognition and comprehension. The problem is that if you don’t order

Usability and Accessibility – Finding the Balance

At this point, with computers and other digital services so ubiquitous in the lives of almost everyone, the hurdle of finding a balance between usability and accessibility is at last a serious issue. At one point, accessibility was less of a hurdle than it is today, accessibility being the design of features to facilitate easier

Prioritizing Web Usability for Best Results

Prioritizing web usability is becoming increasingly important as time passes, largely in part to what’s known as the “law of increasing ubiquity of computing”. What do I mean by that pretentious term? Simply, as time goes by, more people will increase their use of digital services, and more people will be born into a technological