3 Important Web Accessibility Guidelines

Web accessibility denotes inclusive practice of creating websites that are usable by people of every disabilities and abilities. On the developing, designing and editing of sites, all the users are provided equal access to functionality and information. It is basically the activity of creating websites and web applications that are inclusive and user-friendly by people

Prioritizing Web Usability Book Review

Jakob Nielsen’s 2000 title, Designing Web Usability: The practice of Simplicity was at the time very widely accepted and embraced by the practitioners of solid design at the time. Nielsen understands user experience, usability and functional aesthetics quite well, and he has always seemed to have his finger on the pulse of what the average

Using Usability Patterns in Software Architecture

It’s ok to admit that even though you’re a seasoned programmer or designer, that your eyes automatically gloss over when someone mentions using usability patterns in software architecture. Just Look at the terminology there. It sounds like something a cartoon scientist in a white lab coat would spout off while typing on his computer. But,