Multivariate Testing – Best Practices

The key elements of multivariate testing include various ways to examine and scrutinize sophisticated multivariate packages in order to to precisely identify the exact elements that drive the highest Return On Investment among the various segments of the market. Multivariate Testing – Best Practices Analyzing The Tests Testing cannot resolve every issue of a marketing

Usability Tester – How to Find a Good One

A usability tester is a tool that you really need when carrying out usability testing as a website developer or in launching a mobile application. Through usability testing you will be able to know whether the website that you have designed really meet your intention of designing it or it has some errors. Most designers

Top Usability Testing Tools You Should be Using

This one’s tricky. When it comes to usability testing tools, there are a lot of tools designed for this job, but they largely apply to very specific niches and models of usability testing. Very few globally applicable and workable tools of this type are around, because that’s just not something that’s really practical to implement,

4 Mission Critical Tools for Testing your Website’s Usability

By: Jessica @UsabilityL Miller There are a number of different factors that come into place when determining whether a website is successful or not. What many people don’t realize is that the one thing that can be the very lifeline of a site isn’t how big it is or how much money it makes, it’s how easy it

Prioritizing Web Usability Book Review

Jakob Nielsen’s 2000 title, Designing Web Usability: The practice of Simplicity was at the time very widely accepted and embraced by the practitioners of solid design at the time. Nielsen understands user experience, usability and functional aesthetics quite well, and he has always seemed to have his finger on the pulse of what the average