Check Out the Best Articles on Usability this Week

Check out the top 5 Usability articles of the week – find out what made a wave in the Usability Universe without having to read through hundreds of articles.

We sum it up for you right here:

1# Unlocking the Power of Data Driven Design

Validating design decisions can be a tiring task due to the many logistical factors that must be put into consideration during the decision making process. Ryan Riddle reveals the secret on how to unlock the power of data driven design, without spending a fortune.

2# How to run usability test with users who are on your site now

Running a usability test with users who are already using your site can be a daunting task if you do not know how to do it right. This article by Marieke McCloskey will equip you with information on how you can use tools, such as ethnio and GoToMeeting, to carry out usability tests.

3# How to get into user experience: Chat with Patrick Neeman of Usability Counts

To start a successful carrier in User Experience, you have to have an inner desire and ability to create new things from scratch. Patrick Neeman answers some of the most common questions about user experience. Article prepared by Mellisa Suzuno.

4# Optimizing PPC Landing pages for Christmas

Companies usually scrabble for high value paid search terms just before and after Christmas, in a bid to optimize their landing pages and generate sales during this festive season. Christopher Ratcliff takes an exclusive review of various search terms and their effective on companies’ landing pages.

5# How to optimize usability for your SAAS product

Just because your product has a design that is similar to enterprise software doesn’t mean you should forego user experience. Here is an article I wrote that seeks to discuss top 4 strategies that you can use to optimize usability of your SAAS Product.


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