Good Usability Reads for This Week

Usability is on the brain, and i cant help but share my favorite news from the week.

Five Tips For Conducting Scientific Research In The UX World

This article explains how to conduct UX research in a more scientific and methodical manner. Included among the tips is to test the test. This means to watch how users interact with the usability tests that you provide. This allows you to make improvements such as providing clearer instructions.

A Practical Guide To Remote User Testing

Lydia Damon suggests that we need to prioritize user testing even after the project has begun. In order to achieve this she suggests being proactive about preparing for scheduling conflicts because users will be in different remote locations.

Universities Website Usability Case Study – Berkeley Far Ahead

This article looks at the usability of eight top US universities websites. The study reveals that Berkeley University of California has the most usable website. Some of the takeaways from the study were to never hide important information and to name menu labels specifically.

Laura Klein Interview Part Two

This interview is with Laura Klein who has spend fifteen years working in Silicon Valley as an engineer and designer. Her books UX for Lean Start-ups and Users Know, teach product owners what they need to research and design. One tip that Klein provides is that in user testing moderators offer explain way too much to the testers. This sets up the test for confirmation bias.

Tesla’s Ground breaking UX: An Interview with User Interface Manager Brennan Boblett

The user interface for the new Tesla is radically different to a standard automobile. In this interview the user interface manager for Tesla Brennan Boblett reveals the secrets behind the car. Boblett says that with the Tesla they wanted to empower drivers by providing software that adapts to the users preferences and configuration.

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