Great Infographic: Bring Your Own Device For Mobile Usability

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is an emerging trend that allows employees to use their own mobile devices. The reason that this trend is gaining popularity is that the familiarity and comfort among its employees have garnered positive results.

This infographic illustrates statistics about BYOD and how successful it has been in penetrating businesses. Around 47% of businesses have an official BYOD program for mobile devices, with cell phones being the most popular.
On one hand, it increases employee satisfaction and allows the employee to be responsible for their own finances and technical support. 53% of businesses have seen productivity improvements of more than 10% due to BYOD, while 16% of businesses have seen a 30% boost in productivity. On the other hand, some companies have concerns about unsecured devices, and in some cases IT expenses have increased due to BYOD programs.


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