Interesting Usability Tools You Must Know About

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Testing your product’s usability can be done using a variety of easily accessible tools and programs specifically designed to assist experts in improving their software.

The following examples detail a selection of resources currently available to experts that can increase the usability of their product easily, efficiently and effectively:


Online Guidance

Online guidance serves as an excellent resource when seeking immediate and interactive way to help to strengthen your software’s usability.

WalkMe’s , for example, goal is to instantly improve your website, software or application’s effectiveness by making it instantly usable and accessible. WalkMe provides a cloud-based service that guides users through software and eliminates the frustration and guesswork that surfaces with software or complex websites.


Card Sorting

Card sorting serves as a method of testing and evaluating your software’s design based on user responses. During a card sorting session participants of the test will arrange topics into categories they feel make the most sense.

Analyzing the participant responses can give you a better idea of how to label your content having a better understanding of your users expectations. This type of testing can be done via software such as ConceptCodify, offering experts online cart sorting generators to test their products with.


Live Chat

Another unique method of improving user satisfaction and usability is by means of communicating directly with your users through live chatting.

Zopim is a program that offers software creators the opportunity to chat with visitors of their website live and collect genuine information on how the software can be improved.



Appsee is a unique mobile application that enables experts to track their website user’s interactions and behaviors in order to better serve them with your product.

Monitoring users’ actions while interacting with your software provides exclusive insight into how your product is being handled and where there might be a disconnect between the information you offer and the way users interact with it.


This article is part of a White Paper called “HOW TO MAKE YOUR ONLINE SOFTWARE INSTANTLY USABLE & EFFECTIVE.”

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