Most Important Usability Goals You Want to Achieve

Usability is the main goal for many developers and manufactures. It basically refers to the ease at which a consumer can use a product. Usability, in most cases has set goal that a product needs to achieve for it to be viable to the target customer. Usability goals are set, mainly, with four objectives in mind. For a product to pass the usability evaluation, it is supposed to be effective, efficient, easy to learn and satisfactory according to the customer.


This refers to the ability by the product to enable the customer to complete the tasks that they intended for the products. It also refers to the performance of the product or device in terms of accuracy and speed. The product is therefore supposed to make it easier for the customer to fulfill their intended goals in the most accurate and complete way possible.


This is another objective that needs to be met during the usability evaluation. For a product to be deemed efficient, it has to make it possible for consumers to perform tasks while using up as little resources as possible, in terms of time, physical and cognitive demand. The product should be an easy one to use. It should also allow for the saving of time while executing a particular task. Efficiency is quite an important usability goal since it gives you the opportunity to have a competitive edge over other suppliers of the same product. Speed also accounts for part of the efficiency test. This is mainly due to the fact that a website that responds quite fast, for example, saves a lot of time and enables the user to access lots of information in a short time span. This makes it more attractive to users.

Easy to learn

While most products require the use of a manual, some are very easy to use. Similarly, some products are difficult to use even with a manual. For products to pass the usability evaluation they not only need to be easy to use, but they also need to provide an opportunity for other people to learn how to use them with ease.

Customer satisfaction

Different customers offer different opinions as to what they are looking for in products. This usability goal is therefore meant to ensure that the product meets the needs of most if not all customers. The process goes a notch further to ensuring that there is a follow up on the attitude of the users towards the product.

In conclusion, usability goals should be quite important to any manufacturer or developer. The above are examples of usability goals that need to be met before a product is released to the intended users. The products are supposed to be effective, efficient, easy to use and learn, as well as able to satisfy the customer’s needs. These goals ensure that the product has a competitive advantage over the competition. They also make it easier for the manufacturers to make necessary adjustments to the product to ensure that they meet the consumer needs and requirements.

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