VIDEO: The BBC on Click Accessibility

By: Jessica @UsabilityL Miller The internet is supposed to be the people’s medium….but how accessible is it? Web accessibility can mean the difference between accessibility and not for people with disabilities. If a website is usable for a disabled person (say someone who is visually impaired or hard of hearing), it is 30% easier to use for those

Infographic: How To Use Usability Testing To Increase Your Conversions

By: Jessica @UsabilityL Miller Conversion marketing is the process of turning site visitors into paying customers. Finding strategies for increasing conversion rates are important because many sites typically have low conversion rates if no special care is given to it. This infographic by LunaMetrics offers 10 steps on how to use usability tests to increase conversion rates. The

How to Get Inside Your User’s Mind and Make Software Usable

“We didn’t invent a new bicycle,” writes Steve Krug, in his bestselling book on usability, Don’t Make Me Think. No matter how innovative a website is, it won’t matter if it doesn’t do what the user needs. Achieving maximum usability is the key to keeping your users happy and coming back for more. Gartner analysts