Great Video: Smartphone vs Tablet – The Ultimate Comparison and Usability Test

So which is better, a smartphone or a tablet? While it may be difficult to provide a definitive answer to this question, the comparison in this video provides valuable insight into how usability affects our everyday lives. As the video shows, sometimes how the product fits into your life is more important than user interfaces

7 Must-Know Facts About Mobile Users

Improving your usability means building more confidence and better connections across a variety of devices, paying specific attention to those users with smartphones or tablets. According to Gartner, “Enterprises too often associate usability and user experience (UX) work as a nice-to-have aesthetic rather than an important business value generator. As a result, poor usability undermines

Great Infographic- Smartphone vs Tablet- What’s the difference for users?

Tablets and smartphones have a lot of similarities, but as this infographic by Usability 24/7 shows, the way that users make use of these devices is very different. In the UK, 71% of smartphone users use their devices at work, while 62% of tablet users use their devices at night. Understanding what users want from