7 Reasons Why Early Design Usability Testing is Critical

While usability testing may be carried out at any stage of the design process, early design usability testing is most critical. This is for many reasons, including saving you rework later on, or building better user acceptance or confidence in your design. Gartner analyst, Nick Jones, writes that, “Mobile testing is a complex task that

5 Killer Hallway Usability Testing Tips

Hallway usability testing is one of the most common usability testing methods.   Any modern personnel involved in production of new products and services will agree that conducting a usability test is an inevitable part of the entire process. There are many advantages of usability tests. The most common benefit is that developers are able

Why Multi-Platform Users Will Make or Break Your Company

New studies have proven that companies which focus on the provision of a consistent and seamless experience across devices and across channels yield higher user satisfaction, better sales and obtain nearly twice as many users than those companies with ineffective multi-platform experiences. Because technology is moving at an exceptionally fast pace, users now hold higher

Using First Click Testing To Identify Usability Issues

First click testing can be used to evaluate the intuitiveness of your website’s buttons, menus, links and such, in context with your site’s design. The test taker clicks on the part of the webpage (menu, link, graphic, etc.) which they think or presume will help them in completing the task. Participants are normally given a

Infographic: How mobile-friendly are SMEs?

Offering easy-to-use mobile service allows customers to access your business quickly and conveniently. However, many small and medium-sized businesses aren’t making the most of their mobile sites. This great infographic by Hibu shows just how many small and medium businesses are missing out on the opportunities that come from delivering quality mobile service. A staggering

Multivariate Testing – Best Practices

The key elements of multivariate testing include various ways to examine and scrutinize sophisticated multivariate packages in order to to precisely identify the exact elements that drive the highest Return On Investment among the various segments of the market. Multivariate Testing – Best Practices Analyzing The Tests Testing cannot resolve every issue of a marketing