Why Showering is Crucial to Successful Website Usability Testing

I recently read an insightful article about website usability testing, and the importance of user testing. This funny article summarized the author’s experience with a particularly embarrassing question that his mom used to ask him regularly. The question: When was the last time you showered? As a kid, his answer? He wasn’t really sure. He

User-Centered Design Process – Complete Guide

An effective user-centered design requires a clear comprehension of users’ needs and what tasks you need to undertake in order to meet them. It also involves the integration of user feedback when it comes to refining the design and requirements. Users have to be actively involved in the design evaluation process to ensure the design

Great Infographic: Making mLearning Usable

When designing an application for a mobile device, it’s important to understand how users interact with these devices. This infographic by the eLearning Guild outlines a variety of user preferences for using a mobile device. Research has shown that 84.4% of users use their tablets while sitting down, but 81.3% of smartphone users walk or

6 Steps On How to Deal With Website Usability Issues

Usability issues refer to any problem that is related to a particular system or item that causes their users to get undesirable results. The good news though is that this problem is easy to identify, especially among websites. Poor design, vague instructions, complicated walls of texts, faulty features and malfunctioning software are all examples of

7 Expert Tips for Mobile Usability (that Won’t Compromise Design)

Keep in mind mobile applications quickly lead to user frustration, given their small size and dependence on often-unreliable signals. Application experts must be acutely aware of the design and usability factors within their product. One factor cannot be compromised for the other’s sake without diminishing the value of the final product.  The following tips help