How to Crack The Code To Intuitive Usability

The key to intuitive usability is giving the customer what they want. An intuitive webpage/software implies that your user navigates through it with as little effort as possible. Here are two of the most important points for improving the usability of your website. #1- Understand User Objectives Without an excellent understanding of your user objectives,

2 Small Changes That Will Have Big Results in Usability

You don’t have to radically change your site to see dramatic results. In fact, you’ll often find that minor tweaks are all you need to see big usability results. Unfortunately (this I say from experience) identifying what simple changes hold the biggest effect on conversion can be a daunting task. In this post, we’ll talk

Usability and Accessibility – Breaking Down the Difference

Well, it was inevitable I’d have to talk about the difference between usability and accessibility at some point. This is a place where people often get confused, and while I haven’t seen the confusion be catastrophic, I can see where it absolutely could be one. Why the Confusion: Well, the term “accessibility” is sometimes used