Great Video: The Misapprehension of Usability

When someone interacts on a daily basis, and thus incorporates that to a dream, many find the misconception of associating that dream with a void. Some apprehend these dreams, as simple as that a dream, meaning nonentity.

Many find that a dream is something that cannot intertwined with a real or tangible thing. With the use of usability, Ben Bogart has made the interception that a dream is thus associated with the use of everyday reality of the person who is dreaming.

The science is that you dream all the time, not only when you are having rapid eye movement. This thus in tells, that our dreams do come from our everyday reality. This is from our culture, perception, and stimulation of the human brain. With everyday movement in each individual’s lives, there comes a routine. This is impressed on that person.

When you dream, this void allows the human brain to continue this thought process, thus allowing you to see or “dream” your own personal stimulations and cultures that you are attached to.


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