The Top 3 Website Usability Blogs

I encourage literary sources as a starting point for learning anything new, this includes topics in the usability field.

So, what are the best website usability blogs?

There’s no one answer that fits the bill. There are actually a lot of blogs out there that excel in a specific area or in a given topic. They all (or at least most) have their own merits and their own flaws that set them apart. It all depends on your preferences in writing style, design, etc…

After following a whole bunch of usability blogs, I’ve narrowed it down to  three that and I (and Google) seem to agree  merit the top spots.

#1 – Usability Geek
Usability Geek is a combination of usability and user experience topics that  cover the latest trends, tools  and advances in the field. This blog is a good source for the latest and the best.  They even write about theories, philosophies and case studies. Usability Geek has a solid, no nonsense writing style. Their frequent updates keep you informed and can give you a head start on competition. If you only have time to glance over one usability blog, this is the one to use.

#2 – Weblog Usability
Weblog Usability focuses primarily on trends and top lists. They provide you with a series of points and standards to follow. The blog is written by  experienced experts as well as real users; thus making this a good source for practical as well as professional knowledge.

#3 – The Web Usability Blog
The Web Usability Blog focuses on the philosophy behind the practice. They provide mental exercises and performance tests, which are very useful – yet often overlooked tools. This blog is a great source of information for daily or weekly ‘digestion’. I often use The Web Usability Blog in my research and for inspiration on writing topics; it makes you think outside the box.

So, those are my top 3 recommendations from the hundreds of website usability blogs out there. Check them out and let me know what you think!