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Get To Know iOS 7’S Four Best Usability Features

The new iOS 7’s has raved hundreds if not thousands of tech savvy customers from all across the globe. Here is a review by Dennis O’Reilly on this new updated interface that is not only elegant but also easy to use.

Design Assumptions Costing You Money

Designing a website or app using assumptions leads to a product that is out of touch target market needs and expectations. Harvey Ranola covers four assumptions that you should avoid

Website Usability Page Speed:Birds of A Feather

One of the major factor that differentiates between a professional and unprofessional website is its user experience. Here are some tips as well as information on the importance of maintain high website usability and page speed rating by Pratik Dholakiya.

Usability Accessibility Testing Best Practices

It is of utmost importance to test usability of a particular software or app before realizing it to the market in order to gauge its performance and suitability. Most web developers and app engineers dread this process. I  wrote about best testing practices earlier this week. Here they are if you missed that article.

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