Top Usability Articles This Week

#1 Turn User Goals into Task Scenarios for UT

The best way to understand what works and what doesn’t is by observing the behavior of those who use the product. Marieke Mccloskey shares some super-tips for effective usability testing.

#2 Responsive Design Isn’t Good Enough

Responsive web design is a buzzword these days. But how do you ensure good usability in an increasingly mobile-friendly Web? That is precisely what James Stout discusses in this post.

#3 With Emotion Recognition Algorithms, Computers Know What You’re Thinking

The era of emotion recognition computers is upon us. What is the future like with this kind of development? Cameron Scott takes a closer look at this hot topic.

#4 The Lean UX Manifesto – Principle Driven Design

Simplicity, flexibility and desirability are the three keywords that govern progressive lean UX. Anthony Viviano delves deeper into some do’s and don’ts of Lean UX design.

#5 3 Usability Lies to Ignore

And here’s one I wrote- Every industry has its fair share of myths and misconceptions and the design world is no exception. Jessica Miller talks about 3 usability misconceptions to ignore.


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