Twitter Usability Reviewed

Recently, Twitter has unveiled the latest layout for its users, and many people don’t know if it increases the Twitter usability or just complicates the whole user experience.

According to many users, the new layout of Twitter looks exactly like Facebook and Google+. As for now, not all subscribers can see the new layout, on their profile page and only a limited number of users can have this new experience. If you still haven’t seen the new Twitter layout, within the next few weeks you are going to face the new profile page, whether you will like it or not.

Changes in Twitter Usability

Profile Header

Now you will see, the header photos on the top screen of your page, which was earlier located behind the profile picture. This will also fill the length of the screen. They have also changed the pixel size of the picture, which are 1500 pixels across, now. So, if you are looking to recreate a quality profile header, then you have to remember about the size, now. This is a must option now, so you can upload some custom picture, according to your choice, or you have to choose from the standard theme’s of twitter collection.

Profile Picture

Now, you will get the experience of much larger profile pictures at 400×400 pixels, so you have to make sure, if your profile picture is properly formatted, according to the new changes. The new position of profile picture is now at the top left of the page and will also be overlapping the header picture on the bottom left. (Make sure, your header picture is not providing any important information, there.)

Additional Layout Updates

The new image adjustments are increasing the Twitter usability, to some extent, but there are also some additional new features, which can be very interesting for some users.

  • Just like Facebook, now you can see all your personal details like name, bio, etc. on the left side of the page, right below the profile picture.
  •  On the right side of the page, now you can see, all your new ‘Trends’ and ‘Who to Follow’ option.
  •  On the right side of your profile picture, you can see, all your ‘Followers’, ‘Tweets’ and  ‘Following’ tabs.
  • They have also added some extra options on the Tab menu, like Favorites and Photos/Videos.
  • If you want to use the Following and Followers tabs, now, you won’t get the option of scrolling up and down, and instead of that, you will get the kind of Pintrest-y Panoramic view.
  • The size of the tweets and posts is a little bit larger than before.

If you use Twitter for a social media marketing platform, then these changes will definitely affect the twitter usability to some extent, but whether it will be positive or negative, we can’t predict it now.

According to many users, they all welcome the new features and a different layout, but they don’t want their favorite social networking site, to look exactly same, like other social platforms, whether, it will increase the twitter usability or not.


Jessica is the Lead Author & Editor of UsabilityLab Blog. Jessica writes for the UsabilityLab blog to create a source for news and discussion about some of the issues, challenges, news, and ideas relating to usability.