Usability ISO Standards

The international standards organization (ISO) sets out standards or guidelines that organizations must meet. This includes the usability of the web. In that case, there are standards set aside to be achieved through the usability ISO.

The usability and user centered standards, is aimed to set international standards on usability of different products. The standards in this type of document are the same as those set by ISO. There are also guidelines on user centered usability which has been set by organizations and individuals across the globe. In addition to that, the set of  guidelines have recommendations that bring more insight into the accessibility of various products and services for users.

Usability ISO standards are therefore meant to offer specific guidelines on how to gain access to various services. When using these types of standards it is essential to have enough knowledge of the context of the products in question.The user centered usability standards are divided into three categories.

Guidelines on usability ISO standards

These standards mainly deal with the usability of the product. It provides directions and guidelines concerning the items. The guidelines explain how to detect the information necessary when assessing the usability of a particular product. This helps you measure the usability of these products and hence their satisfaction and performance by users.

They explain the extent to which a particular user or users can use a product to achieve their set goals. For example: the use of CRM software as the product.

There are other set standards in this category which include the assessment of software products, software engineering and the quality of the product. For example: training and consultancy to enhance quality management of organizations. This includes guidelines on time, energy and waste management, productivity and problem solving.

Attributes on product interface usability ISO standards

There are standards that entail attributes of product interface. Theses standards are more inclined to the features of the product. As a result they can be essential in the assessment of the user interface and how the product operates.

It is for this reason that they require interpretation before being applied for use. For example: the function of keyboards in the processing of office work.

The process of product development on usability ISO standards

Usability ISO standards that deal with the process of the development of the product are user centered. As a result the guidelines are set to be human, although the development life cycle of the product is computer based. This tool is specifically geared for those who manage processes of the designs. This type of human approach, with  usability ISO standards, incorporates ergonomic knowledge and skills with those of human elements.

The main objective here is to enhance efficiency, human performance and working environment. This includes safety at work. All these human factors are closely monitored to encourage production. For example: the use of software by the auditor to prepare audit reports.. which are then to be used by the managers, shareholders and the stakeholders of the company.

I have outlined the 3 major components of the international standards organization (ISO). Follow these guidelines to check whether or not your company standards comply.

Image source: First Weber