Usability Testing Questions to Ask

Usability testing questions are extremely critical for a business. The right questions provide deep insights regarding a website. Usability testing reveals compelling insights about people’s behavior and tries to answer why people are doing what they are doing.

Usability testing carries a far deeper meaning than understood. It is much more than answering website related questions. It can be used to understand human psyche on a whole different level. In this article we will explore the range of questions that can be used to understand the four segment of business at large.

Understanding the Online Behavior

This is the most common reason for which usability testing is employed. Usability testing questions under this category are plain and simple. It can reveal answers to questions such as:

  • What is the nature of user’s interaction with a particular website?
  • How a user browses website in a particular industry?
  • What is the nature of interaction of a user with various search engines?
  • How does past experience affect the present searching?
  • What is the last level when users give up and cease contacting the customer support?
  • What users expect from a particular website?
  • What is the importance of pictures of products in case of an online purchase?
  • What are the key questions users ponder over before buying a particular product or service?
  • What do users presume before coming to a particular website?
  • Is there any banner blindness?
  • How can more emotional response be generated?

Business Process

Usability testing questions can indicate the effectiveness of business processes. More often than not business processes are created based on offline processes. Usability testing is capable of extending vital insights regarding the effectiveness of it. It can further tell you whether it is helpful for the customers or not. Some questions regarding processes are mentioned below:

  • Are our processes meeting the expectation of the customer?
  • Is it necessary to take a fresh stance?
  • Are users abandoning the website because of data collection?
  • Are the backend processes too lengthy?
  • Is the technology not meeting the expectation of the users?

User Attitude

Along with behavioural traits it is possible to capture the user attitude using usability testing. Some questions relating t this section is mentioned below:

  • What are the issues that users are facing in a particular website?
  • What is the attitude of a user when he is forced to do a sign up or a registration?
  • What is the attitude shown when it comes to marketing campaign of a website?
  • What makes them bored of a website?
  • How videos affect a user?
  • How users interact with online chat?

Brand Perception

Usability questions are capable of providing a vivid detail about a brand and the way users perceive it both online and offline. This is particularly important for a business to know in order to shape their promotional endeavor both online as well as offline:

  • What is the current perception of the brand?
  • What is the extent up to which a user knows about the brand?
  • What is the credibility of the brand?
  • Does the user know about the range of products or services the brand has to offer?

Hopefully, the above discussed usability testing questions will help you to take your business to a new height.






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