User Interface Usability Basics

In the last few years, there has been a lot of talk about user interface usability of a website. Every webmaster wants visitors to have more fun and easy access to information when they visit the website. You want visitors to keep everything in good memory. This way, customers also tell others about your website. The overall experience offered on a website is becoming increasingly important in the modern business world.

User Interface Usability Basics

Usable Means More Functional

Usability is a basic description of the extent to which you can use a system to achieve specific goals. Thus, it is very important to check that your website, mobile application or some other platform is fully functional. It should allow users to reach their desired goals.

For instance, if your website needs to be functional, it should not have any dead links. All the forms should be bug free, and relevant content needs to be displayed correctly. It is extremely important to test the functionality of your website on multiple screen sizes and platforms.

Feedback is Awesome

Feedback is the most important part of any online interaction. You need to think about how people interact with each other. When someone says something, he expects a reaction. People also use different gestures to express their emotions, including excitement, confusion, boredom and more.

Just like the offline world, everything is same with the user interface in the online world. Every website visitor needs a certain response to communicate successfully. This is the primary reason why feedback is very important to design user interface. A webmaster needs certain clarifications

Orientation is Essential

When a person visits a website, he has some kind of goals in his mind. In order to achieve this goal, you need to choose a particular path within the site. Your primary task is to make sure users find an appropriate path to achieve their desired goals. Users should never get lost while navigating your website.

There are a lot of different ways to make sure website visitors are properly guided through your website. For instance, you can offer a basic sitemap, breadcrumb navigation, predefined paths or use a particular feel and look for different categories. Most importantly, you should make sure a new page is not opened in a new browser by default.

Aesthetics are Important

There’s no doubt that attractive things always work better. When things are aesthetically appealing, they’re able to trigger creativity, make problem solving easier and expand mental processes. Therefore, user interface usability is directly related to the aesthetic appeal of your website.

There are some webmasters who argue that the usability of a site is not related to its feel and look. However, this is nothing but a misconception. When the design of your website is appealing and simplistic, it definitely leads to an overall positive user experience. It also helps your visitors achieve their desired goals.

Almost every webmaster aims to improve the user experience of a website to attract more customers and increase conversion rates. Focusing on user interface usability helps you accomplish this task.


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