[VIDEO] 7 Things That Best Determine Website User Engagement


Every website designer’s goal is to make their website as engaging as possible to its visitors. The logic is fairly simple; that engagement means more traffic and use. But how do you achieve this goal and make users feel comfortable enough to convert?


In this video, Dr. Susan Weinschenk shows us these seven great tips for improving site engagement. So here we go, an in-depth look into the subject of website engagement:


Tip Number 1: If users have too many choices, they often won’t choose anything at all. Leaving visitors with less but relevant choices gives them the incentive to make a decision.


Tip Number 2: Uncertain visitors like social validation. Visitors will look to others for advice if they don’t know what to choose. Reviews, for example, help many uncertain customers make their decisions.


Tip Number 3: When offers seem limited in availability or deals seem short in duration, people act more decisively.


Tip Number 4: When appropriate, incorporating elements of food, sexuality, and danger can engage visitors.


Tip Number 5: Human brains are predisposed to pay attention to faces, particularly the eyes. Having faces on websites, especially when they are looking directly at the camera, can have a positive effect on visitor engagement.


Tip Number 6: Brains process information best when it is presented in story form.


Tip Number 7: Gradually asking for small commitments from visitors can increase their loyalty to a site.


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