Great infographic: 2016 Web Design & UX Trends to Boost Conversions

Web designers are required to always be updated with the latest web designs and new trends in order to make sure they’re creating the best experience for their product’s users. This infographic by The Deep End lists 10 different web design and UX trends that promise to boost your conversions in 2016. The list includes using

Great Video: Usability Testing with Tobii T60 Eye Tracker and Tobii Studio

Sometimes a simple questionnaire or survey won’t get the job done when performing usability tests for websites. How certain elements on the page catch your gaze and how information flows are important concepts to consider. This video by Tobii Research & Analysis allows you to dig deeper in usability testing with their eye tracking usability

Great Infographic: Bring Your Own Device For Mobile Usability

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is an emerging trend that allows employees to use their own mobile devices. The reason that this trend is gaining popularity is that the familiarity and comfort among its employees have garnered positive results. This infographic illustrates statistics about BYOD and how successful it has been in penetrating businesses. Around

Intriguing Infographic: Should You Use an A/B Split Testing or Usability Testing?

This infographic by Above the Fold Designs brings up several important questions, which relate to the decision of which test to use –  an A/B Split test, or a Usability test. The A/B Split test usually fits those who are interested in call-to-action causes, in which layout generates more sales, etc. The usability test asks

Great Infographic: 6 Key Steps to Successful Remote User Testing

Identifying issues with your product as a designer can be a daunting task. Usability tests exist to gain valuable feedback from end-users. Understanding how to create a solid usability test can be challenging. This infographic by User Zoom outlines 6 key steps to designing great usability tests for remote users. One major point that is