Great Video: Usability Testing 3PO

This video is an example of an un-moderated usability test of a physical device. Un-moderated usability tests are excellent for determining how users interact with your product in the absence of guidance. The following participants are given the task of using a perforating machine. By observing the participants’ actions, you can determine where the points

The User Interface Design Basics You Need To Know

User interface design is much more than assembling your user interface in order. It focuses on anticipating what actions users might need to perform and ensuring that the interface has elements that are easy to access, understand, and use to facilitate those actions. It can add value, simplify, illuminate, clarify, dignify, modify, and dramatize your

Ted Talk for Usability Experts : The Paradox of Choice

In this Ted Talk, Barry Schwartz unpacks the prevailing wisdom that more choice means more freedom, and is therefore preferable. There is a mind-boggling number and array of consumer products available in retail outlets today, a dizzying array of telecommunications devices with a huge range of features. Outside the purchase of movable, the same array